• Eliminate the paperwork and cost

  • save heirs from complicated probate process

  • pay off debt

  • pay for college education or mortgage

  • remove uncertainty

  • receive a large, lump sum payment instead of monthly or yearly checks

Taking long-term capital gains from a sale may be more efficient than being taxed on ordinary income every year. Consult with your tax advisor.

A lump sum payout can help eliminate debt. Our deals are all cash offers and you will get the money you need quickly.  

Lump Sump Payout:

Other Reasons:

Oil prices have been fluctuating over the last few year. The price of Oil & Gas is uncertain so if you are not comfortable with the level of risk and uncertainty, you may want to consider turning your mineral interest to instant cash.

There are many reasons for wanting to sell your mineral rights, but no matter the reason we can get you top dollar.

Reduce Risk:

Tax Advantage: